What productivity lessons can be learnt from The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari?

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Productivity and Learning

Books, biographies, memoirs, and advice are widely available at most people’s fingertips. The opportunity to read, listen or watch others deemed successful within their industries and sectors to learn and inspire new ideas is no new concept for those seeking enlightenment in the world of business. In Robin Sharma’s book, The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari, readers are taken on a journey of new appreciation and perception of day-to-day life. As one of the world’s top 5 experts on leadership and personal development, this author has already motivated, encouraged, and inspired millions of people globally. Sharma provides methods with personal influence to stimulate development for those who wish to move forward with their progression in both their business and personal life.


‘The Monk Who Sold His Ferrari by Robin Sharma, is such a wonderful read. It taught me to value myself and my time. To focus on my destiny and my dreams without sacrificing my present.The world seems beautiful after reading this beauty, I would highly recommend this masterpiece to everyone spare some time, take pause and read it you all will enjoy it nonetheless.’


The book’s opening encourages reflection on each individual’s life, goals and dreams. Some of the most promising aspects of those with high motivation and increased work ethic are those who have these things clearly defined to work towards. However, as Sharma depicts, there can always be a moment of definitive change that can move anyone’s confident trajectory off course. 

The common societal values within business are money, power and prestige. With this in mind, a reflection on what these things represent and how they benefit each individual happens to either be realised as an appreciation or a need for change. Specifically, Sharma’s fable portrays a scenario questioning the reader with what it will take for something to make a difference and presenting them with that moment of opportunity to make the decision they know would make them become better. 

The book offers an understanding for extending and gaining knowledge from a wider perspective for a different existence than what many have been presented with when considering high profile roles within business. The misconstrued definition of success is filled with compromise, late nights and delayed personal gratification. What Sharma proposes is a difference in mindset along with healthy habits, combining to reach larger goals and dreams with continuous moments of fulfilment and satisfaction.  

In this book, seven virtues of enlightened learning are given to the reader for implementing into their lives for increased productivity, reaching their goals, consistency and balance between personal and work life. These seven virtues to explore are:


  1. Mastering the mind

  2. Following personal purpose

  3. Practice Kaizen

  4. Living with discipline

  5. Respect an individual’s time

  6. Selflessly serve others

  7. Embrace the present

Each chapter is detailed with one of the virtues and a series of habits that can be introduced to daily life to work towards these things making a positive impact. Some of these concepts have been talked about by other leadership and business influencers, cementing the idea that Sharma’s tale is working on similar themes towards a healthier definition of success.

Throughout these chapters, the audience is encouraged to work on positive initiatives within themselves to outwardly promote fortune in opportunity, finance and overall success. The general concept gets the reader to look at themselves and what they want to achieve, followed by introducing sustainable habits to ensure they’re working on their prospects every day. By becoming the person they wish to be they can achieve all that they’ve ever wanted. 

Overall, by making the evaluation of each virtue, steps can be made to implement exclusively chosen habits to inform a unique and personal development. This journey, constructed by leading thoughts from such an influential author, puts the preface of personal success into the owner’s hands.

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