Who One20Network is for?

As our name suggests, we focus on supporting businesses with up to 20 employees. So, whether you are a sole trader, limited company, or self-employed, you can join our membership and gain immediate access to our full suite of services, dedicated resources, and network of preferred Partners.

Why we created One20Network

We got rather tired of seeing businesses overcharged heavy professional fees and being tied up in a mystique of “grey” professional advice often not relevant to small businesses still on the scale-up path. We researched the market and couldn’t find any one business network that provided everything that a small business needed in one easy to use platform. So, we pooled our resources and knowledge and the One20Network was born.

What makes One20Network different

1. We are dedicated to the small business community – all our tools, resources, and insights are 100% relevant to your business.
2. There are no hefty price tags – you can access everything your small business needs for as little as £45 per month.
3. You are not tied into a long and expensive contract – you can choose to pay monthly and can cancel your membership anytime.
4. We offer everything you need under one, easy to use platform – saving you valuable time and resources.
5. You have direct access to our team of experts and hand-picked Partners – ensuring you are always on top of the latest changes affecting your business.
6. We are committed to your wellbeing – providing you with access to a suite of online resources to support you in your quest for a happier and healthier life.

Meet Our Team

We are lawyers, accountants, M&A and compliance professionals and entrepreneurs with extensive experience of setting-up, running, managing, and advising businesses on everything from starting-out to selling businesses

Monica Pahwa

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John Davies

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